09 - a story of two bears

29 April 2010

Andrew Holder, Two Bears
six colour screen print
edition of 20

gorgeous screen print by Andrew Holder. there is something so romantic and sweetly simple about this work. i love its intimate texture and mirrored composition of the bears. the meeting of two creatures from different sides of the world at the same stream... visual storytelling at its best. i am also, of course, a bear in love.
xo, sarabear.

08 - letterpress love affair

26 April 2010

letterpress week at oh,hello friend!
image by: slimjim

it's letterpress week at oh, hello friend! i have had a love affair with letterpress for the past few years, so i am really excited about this wonderful week-long feature. in addition to studio tours, interviews, design & print processes, and other great features from a wonderful line-up of artists, Danni is offering DAILY GIVEAWAYS! the first giveaway features an incredible package from four lovely shops who have generously donated a variety of letterpress goods. you'll have to go see for yourself, but here are a few of my favourites (just a taste!) from their collections:

  • vintage wood type 5 block set of ampersands from Monki Vintage
  • pitch a tent {instructional series} letterpress card from SNAP & TUMBLE
  • letterpress paper house kit from 1canoe2

    07 - "breathe" printable art

    21 April 2010

    i just discovered this lovely printable art freebie from kind over matter and couldn't resist sharing:

    i love the sweet combination of anatomical illustration, simple text, and the soothing shade of green.

    click here to download the print in .pdf format. simply print on 8.5 x 11 cardstock, frame, and hang! the perfect kind of DIY affordable art. thanks amanda & jenn!

    check out Feed Your Soul: the free art project, an online project devoted to making art accessible and affordable, for more lovely free art printables.

    06 - sprout into spring

    20 April 2010

    1. Fern Sprouts II original watercolour painting by Golly Bard
    2. sprout a handmade tote by CalviRee
    3. mini sprout vase by Whitney Smith
    4. sterling silver sprout earrings by Sophia Pip
    5. How to Grow print by mrs eliot books
    6. green sprouts repurposed wood hook board by Red Bird Crafts
    7. sterling silver sprout sapling necklace by Raised By Wolves

    05 - cabinet of curiosities: the porcelain edition

    19 April 2010

    Christine Borland, Family Conversation Piece, 1998
    and Five Set Conversation Pieces, 1998 (detail)
    porcelain, wood, glass 

     Yvonne Lee Schultz, Porcelain Pistols, 2006 and 2009
    hand-painted porcelain
    replicas of James Bond’s Walther PPK and the P99

    Odontocete Porcelain Cetacean Skull by Karla Z at sanspoof

    clay & porcelain sculpture by Ronit Baranga

    Porcelain Spores, Lichen Stones, and Cephalobugs, 2009
    hand built stoneware sculpture by Karli Strohschein

    04 - dream a little dream of me...

    love this down-to-earth and rustic scout headboard from Nightwood, lovingly made of reclaimed oak, pine, and poplar:

    i imagine it perfectly combined with this ORKNEY rough natural linen duvet cover from Rough Linen (via Ill Seen, Ill Said):

    and a pure wool blanket, like this woven wool, mohair, and shetland blanket from 40th Parallel, made on their eighty-year-old Draper Loom:

    or a vintage wool military blanket like one of these from Vintage Army Navy:

    i'm cozy in heaven. xo

    03 - (recent and old) acquisitions

    17 April 2010

    a few pieces from my growing collection of original art and prints:

     moss for your wall no.5
    10" vintage wooden embroidery hoop
    with gray cotton fabric and needle-felted moss

     mom, this is the friend i told you about
    giclee print of original illustration in pencil, ink. and digital colour
    16 x 11"

    lichen study no.1
    original drawing on putty-coloured, light-weight card
    5.9 x 8.3"

    nesting material
    hand-coloured gocco print
    edition of 77
    6.8 x 5.5"

     gotta have heart print
    by Ork Posters
    black ink silkscreen on tan 100% recycled paper
    11 x 17"

    down under brown print
    (the great lakes)
    by Ork Posters
    gold ink silk on matte brown 100% recycled paper
    24 x 20"

    pussy willow
    gocco print, 5 x 7"
    edition of 15

     mini print set
    set of 4 gocco prints
    4.13 x 5.83" each

    fishing early
    original ACEO painting with ink and graphite
    2.5 x 3.5"

    come on in
    print of digitally-coloured original illustration in ink
    on archival matte poly/cotton canvas
    7.75 x 9.75" (image size)
    (honourable mention as my very first Etsy purchase)

    02 - jack & marjorie / longfellow

    16 April 2010

    i have absolutely fallen in love with jack & marjorie bags, made by Meghan Parsons and Manuel Opp out of Toronto. constructed primarily out of recycled military surplus materials, they combine gorgeous design with functionality, durability, and eco-consciousness. i adore everything about them: their thoughtful design, love for the history of materials, craftsmanship, respect for the environment, ethical business practices, style, and best of all, that they are Canadian!

    a few features from the collection: 

    summer 2010

    spring/summer 2009
    (my absolutely favourite)

    and my first jack & marjorie purchase, on order from wrinkle uncommon goods inc., an adorable Canadian online shop that features exclusively handmade, eco-sensitive, recycled, repurposed, natural, organic, and fair-trade wares, where, in my endless search for retailers of  jack & marjorie, i happened upon a gorgeous messenger bag from the fall/winter 2008 collection:

    fall/winter 2008

    i couldn't resist the perfect combination of military surplus cotton tent canvas, wool blanket, leather, and functionality. it is the perfect size for books and a laptop, and i love the the vertical configuration. i hope that it is my first of many jack & marjorie acquisitions. i love so many of their designs for different carrying purposes.

    01 - anew

    after many failed attempts at starting and keeping a blog, i am trying yet again. i feel, however, that this time will be different. rather than a forum through which to explore my research interests in the history of art, design, and visual culture, or to write about contemporary art, i am focusing instead on the simple things, on the artful things that constantly distract me from my work and command attention. the oh-so-delightful things. from antique treasures and homemade goods to delicious Etsy finds. the materials i collect and original works of art i acquire. the never-ending projects i am working on with the hopes of someday opening up my own Etsy shop amidst my ongoing work as a graduate student. ALL the delightful things that keep me inspired and motivated. and alive.


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