30 - ruggedly beautiful Northern Ontario

17 July 2011

i seem to have a habit of disappearing, unannounced, into the Canadian wilderness or to small town Ontario to visit andrew. i've done it again, this time to a Northern Ontario camp where i spent my childhood and we now visit yearly for a week or so-long vacation with my dad (by camp, i mean rustic log cabin in the woods, or what some might more commonly call a cottage. we Northern Ontarians, however, call them camps, not to be confused with youth summer camps or "camping"). my days were filled with fishing, lazing on the dock reading, swimming, taking saunas, stargazing, and relaxing in the fresh air, with no one else around or the buzz of city life to disturb us (although there were plenty, or should i say swarms, of mosquitoes!). the stars at night were simply incredible, and we were lucky enough to catch sight of the Northern Lights one night, which i haven't seen in years! the rugged wilderness up there and the lake's pristine beauty gets me every time. i'm pretty sure it's my favourite place on earth. coming back to the city after such a peaceful and relaxing getaway is always a shock, so please excuse my absence as i have been readjusting to city life and catching up on work.

a few of my favourite shots from the past few years. although this summer was the first time ever that we saw baby loons. so sweet!


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