fade into green

24 May 2013

Spring rain
conveyed under the trees
in drops.
Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

Spring in the Valley has been wet and slow to unfold, full of a few unseasonably hot days followed by miserable, cold and damp rainy ones. but with the rainfall has come the most incredible lush green. everywhere. first with the spring flush, and then suddenly in full bloom, the fields and woods thick with green and wet with the heavy after scent of rain.

last weekend we explored a local old growth maple/beech/hemlock forest. as we walked in the rain, the entire forest was brimming with life and was saturated with stunning shades of green. we fished for hours in the nearby pond and it too was enveloped by moody greens, mixed with the sobering grey of the sky and water.

and then there is the early morning mist and the mud. Andrew spent the past few weeks tree planting, and this week was particularly miserable, muddy, and wet, exposing a rugged, harsh, and honest landscape that never fails to take my breath away.


  1. Ahh - just stunning! Like my local ravine on steroids!

    1. such an apt comparison! i love it. it's all in the details, isn't it? rural woods or urban ravine.... i always enjoy your snapshots of your local ravine.

  2. Hello! I fell in love with your blog immediately. Beautiful and peaceful pictures. Thank you for visiting me and Samantha at our Lumisilla mailla-blog! Have a great weekend!


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