Hello & welcome.

My name is Sara. I am a writer, researcher, aspiring collector, artist-maker, and PhD Candidate in Art History currently based in Laurentian Valley, a quiet corner of the world along the Ottawa River in Ontario, Canada that I share with my husband, Andrew, and our wonderful animals, Dr. Hunter S. Thomcat, Little Miss Virginia Woolf, and "the ghost poopies" (our recently passed wilderness companion dog, Glasgow). We make our home in a small, rustic space in the upstairs of a one hundred-year old converted carriage house, which the neighbours affably call ‘the big red barn.’ It is not perfect, but it is ours and it has its own charm that continues to grow and bring us a particular kind of happiness. It often feels like I am working, writing, & creating in a cabin in the woods, while still being connected to a larger community. While I am constantly faced with the challenge of living and working in such a small space, I cannot imagine anything more perfect for where we are in our lives right now. 

In my research, I explore intersections between art, medicine, and the body, with a particular interest in the abject and the cancerous body—a consuming passion that is often reflected in my artistic influences and choices. 

But I also court so many other loves and interests. I enjoy simple but wholesome things: small pleasures; silk, linen, and wool garments; nature’s gifts; traditional ways of living & making; and thoughtful reflections. To balance out the stress and self-seclusion of my academic life, I collect, curate, and create handmade goods, art, photographs, books, ideas, and inspiration. I cannot honestly claim that I have achieved this balance, but I am constantly striving. 

As one on-going attempt, forestière (formerly arterie & co.) is a constantly evolving project: a place to collect and share artful things, candid photographs, love letters, and notes on current projects & ideas. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out or to write me here. As an experienced writer, editor, and community artist, I am also available for freelance writing/editing work and other projects and collaborations. 

Thank you kindly for reading. 



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