54 - friday favourites: soft & feminine Etsy notes

23 September 2011

for this week's friday favourites, i am essentially recycling an Etsy treasury i recently curated featuring a number of my favourite Etsyians and independent designers (a handful of which are also local & Canadian!). i have been so focused on my studies this week that i have not spent much time browsing the interweb, although i always manage to find time to participate in the Etsy community (while it obviously serves as a distraction in ways that are both productive and unproductive, i also think it helps to ground me). i can't seem to stop looking at this collection of lovelies, i think because it plays to the girl in me, which often emerges in surprising and unpredictable ways. while i have traditionally been drawn to earthy, warm, and neutral tones, i am opening myself up more and more to a range of pastels that i find to be a certain kind of feminine, mostly nudes and roses and blushes with soft undertones. they seem to strike a chord deep inside me that i am unable to resist! so instead, i have been embracing these softer notes...

and as always, have a lovely weekend! i'm taking a break from studying to spend mine with andrew.



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