these days

23 January 2012

this year’s January
has been a series
of starts and stops,
with seemingly
more stops
than starts.

all the self-expectations
and -pressure
to begin anew:

new year,
fresh start,
ready, set, go!

and stumble,
and sometimes tumble,
and fall.

i feel like my life
has been on hold,
divided in two
without being
fully present
in either one.

yet amidst,
it is the little things,
bits and pieces
still unbroken
and the subtle curiosities
that carry on.

carry me on
and drive me forward,
one more day,
day after day.

and so it is,
these days.


books featured:
Menagerie by Sharon Montrose, with illustrations and lettering by Julianna Swaney
The Native Trees of Canada by Leanna Shapton


  1. I love the illustration of the fox!

    1. the artist is Julianna Swaney. her work is absolutely wonderful!


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