the order of things: lepidoptera

18 May 2012

1. Pink and Mocha Moths by Amber Alexander
2.  Wings, original watercolour painting by Michelle of United Thread

As much as I might be embarrassed to admit this, I have been dealing with a clothes moth infestation all week. Not my proudest moment, to be sure, but one that has not only made me realize that this can easily happen to anyone, especially purveyors of vintage and second-hand wares (which I think was the source of my particular infestation), but has also made me reflect on these delicate little winged creatures and those with whom they share a family. I really am the perfect victim. I own A LOT of wool, much of which is fine merino wool and seemingly these little pests' preferred choice for spinning their silk cocoons and sustaining their livelihood. Almost as a way of consoling my grief (I have shed more than a few tears and have had a couple of breakdown moments over losing some of my most cherished woolen possessions, while stubbornly trying to save others), easing my stress, and reminding myself that there is beauty to all forms of life, I have hunted and gathered some moth- and butterfly-inspired favourites. It is amazing how various species of the same order can be so radically different, at once visually captivating and magical but also deeply devastating. Coincidentally, almost every time I step out onto the balcony to shake out a moth-infected clothing article, I am visited by a friendly monarch butterfly, as if to apologize for the harm done to me by the clothes moths and to remind md that they are not all of the same kind. It is actually comforting in an odd but light-hearted way. So here is to you, Lepidoptera

3. A kind of hush, photograph by Irene Suchoki of Montreal-based Eye Poetry
4. Papillon by Elle Moss
5. Untitled photograph by Craig Schlewitz
6. Never too late print by Montreal's Eva Juliet

7. Moths letterpress print by Aardvark
8. Butterfly Collector, original pencil and watercolour drawing by Julianna Swaney
9. Moths, original gocoo print by Anna Ruby King

10. Moth origami lampshade in pink and white from Studio Snowpuppe
11. moths paper and wax strong mobile by Amy Ruppel
12. Matthew Williamson's DNA Butterfly printed silk-chiffon scarf


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