these days

11 May 2012

it rained all week long in the city.
the kind of rain that soothes your body & soul,
that allows you to slow down and replenish.
to take notice of  the small and mundane things,
like thick raindrops streaming
and collecting on windows.
rainy days adorned with silk garments
and cherished jewels.
overcast skies and sombre moods made brighter
by the arrival of much-anticipated packages in the mail,
by diluted colours and whimsical florals,
and by the attention to detail.


you might have also noticed
the subtle but beauitfully crafted blog re-design,
for which i am indebted to
the lovely Ana of Blog Milk.
she is such a pleasure to work with
and her designs are the perfect balance
of artistry and a clean, minimalistic aesthetic.
i am only just settling in
and have some more personalizing yet to do,
but i feel like the precision
and soothing feel of this new space
will allow me to focus more on content. 

as always, i have some exciting plans.
so many ongoing projects
and always all at once.


hope your weekend is as wonderful as ever.




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