wearable porcelain: by loumi

05 March 2013

it’s been a long while since i’ve written a wearable porcelain post, since i’ve been inspired by an artist who works in that most favourite and long-cherished medium. so when i first stumbled upon the new Etsy shop, By Loumi, last month, my heart nearly skipped a beat. based in France, designer Kahina Loumi's work is naturally romantic, sweetly charming, and stunning in its simplicity—the kind that takes your breath away. the combination of unglazed white porcelain + matte gold that characterizes her current collection is quite possibly perfection. individually handcrafted in her studio, each piece incorporates her experience as a visual artist and is its own timeless work of art.

for a view into Kahina's studio and to read more about her work (en français), check out her featured shop interview on Etsy's french blog. you can also follow her design process and inspiration on her blog, Loumi Studio.

all photos courtesy of By Loumi


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