20 - let it rain...

18 May 2011

it's been raining in Montréal, and most parts of eastern Canada, for days. and it's forecasted to continue raining through the weekend (although with sunny breaks). while my body aches for the sun, the rain is calming, replenishing, and surprisingly inspiring.... after finishing my day's work, i spent part of the afternoon making jewellery, drinking tea, and listening to a wonderful folk/bluegrass playlist -- and, of course, the gentle, rhythmic sound of the rain drumming on my skylight windows.

so today, i celebrate the rain.

(rainfall image credit belongs to Malika Pannek of klunkerfunkeln, taken in Montréal in fall, 2010)

 Rainfall, hand-stitched print of original illustration by Leah Duncan.

April Showers by Amy Blackwell (available to purchase in her Etsy shop).

Rainy Day in a Nearby Forest by Anna Emilia
(print of original painting available to purchase here).

rain clouds by Golly Bard (visit her gorgeous Etsy shop).

feather earrings inspired by the popular rhyme, "March winds and April shower bring forth May flowers," from the wonderful Montréal designer, Noémiah. images produced in collaboration with illustrator Paule T.B. 

It’s Raining

It’s raining women’s voices as if they had died even in memory
And it’s raining you as well marvellous encounters of my life O little
Those rearing clouds begin to neigh a whole universe of auricular cities
Listen if it rains while regret and disdain weep to an ancient music
Listen to the bonds fall off which hold you above and below

poem by Guillaume Apollinaire, figured to create the sensation of rain falling, or running downward across a surface.

for an animated, digital version, click here.


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