22 - farewell may

31 May 2011

1. antler drawing and flower fine art photograph from Kari Herer /
2. nova lily aria necklace (recycled leather, embroidered lace trim, and antiqued brass chain)

i can't believe May is coming to an end already! i have not exactly achieved my goal of launching nova lily this month, although to be fair, i have spent more time out of Montreal visiting andrew than i have at home, which also explains my hiatus this past week. my "gone fishing" weekend getaway spontaneously turned into an extended week-long stay with andrew in Pembroke, where i read during the day while he forayed into the bush for work (p.s., he is going to be an amazing forester!). it was absolutely perfect! he drove me back to Montreal on Saturday, and after spending a couple AMAZING days with him in the city, the dust is settling and i can return to work and my ongoing projects.

it's been a wonderful and delightful spring (and also strange, with the unusual amount of rain), but i am ready for summer! now that it's sunny, i can finally take more photos for nova lily in the natural light. but while i have enough goods to open shop and am just about ready to take the leap, i am hesitant to do so with the imminent Canada Post strike. i think it might be better to wait it out... and focus on reading for my comps for now. outside, in the sun. 


  1. wise decision to read read read...have i mentioned that i love visiting the arterie...i do i do...much love & wrap-around hugs...

  2. thanks mama! xoxo


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