the dress

08 February 2012

i have been sitting on this with ever-increasing excitement for awhile now, from the moment it first stole my heart to taking the plunge and ordering it, to anxiously awaiting its arrival, and finally to trying it on and deciding whether or not it was actually the 'one.' to be honest, my heart is still fluttering and i still need some second opnions, but i think with a little bit of work (slight alterations and a good cleaning) it can be everything that i want it to be: classic, simple, understated, elegant, and even down-to-earth. 

i would like to introduce my vintage 1960s wedding dress:

it is white cotton pique with the loveliest floral embossed pattern, providing a perfectly subtle texture for a late summer wedding. the cut is just gorgeous, with a contour waist, semi-full voluminous skirt, and deep princess seaming that runs the length of the dress. i am tall and willowly, so the dress complements and even gives shape to my body, falling at about tea length. i am thinking of removing the beaded detailing on the collar and matching 'corsage' to keep it simple and uncluttered and to update its look, but also because i will be wearing my Nana's vintage pearls and i want them to stand out. i think the subtle details are the most important and are where all the fun and magic are.

both the dress and photos are from the ever-lovely vintage shop dear golden. Lauren's finds always seem to capture my heart, i couldn't imagine a better place to have found my dress. thank you so much Lauren, xo!


  1. You had me @ "my heart is still fluttering".
    In my opinion,this is "the one",so no need for second opinions my baby girl.

    Just wish i was there to share in that magical moment that only a mother & her daughter dream of.

    your momma
    much love forever & wrap-around hugs always

    1. oh momma, you're the sweetest! thank you so much. i wish you could have been here for that magical moment too. but no one else has seen it yet (or me in it!), so we can still save for that mother/daughter moment...



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