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09 February 2012

credits: anabela (fieldguided) // jane (ill seen, ill said)

lately, my instagram feed has been coloured with photos of flowers: snapshots, still lifes, close-ups, and artful photos of bouquets. i have been reluctant to bring flowers into the house ever since i poisoned my cat with lilies last year, and i have always been the kind to spontaneously treat myself with a bouquet or even a single flower while walking through the city streets and running errands, which country living makes somewhat difficult. i am looking forward to Spring and Summer when all the neighbhourhood and nearby gardens, parks, and wildflowers will be in full bloom, but until then i was inspired to put together a few of my favourites in celebration of the soft, subtle, and sometimes vibrant beauty of flowers and the lovely ladies who so willingly and lovingly share these glimpses from their everday lives.

credits: teresa (stone & honey) // melinda josie
amy merrick // noemie (as ink remains)

credits: jane (ill seen, ill said) // sarah (saipua)
melinda josie // jen (honey kennedy)

credits: anntorian // anabela (fieldguided)
 jane (ill seen, ill said) // noemie (as ink remains)

credits: sandra juto // chelsae (frolic!)
amy merrick // sarah (saipua)

credits: emma (emmadime) // hannah (another feather)
bri (designlovefest) // kate (for me, for you)

Bri of designlovefest put it best when she shared the above photo: "six dollar afternoon happiness." her sentiment shows how easily it is to create bursts of happiness throughout what otherwise might be a mundane, exhausting, or evern stressful day. i feel aspects of that happiness simply by browsing through my instagram feed and sharing in these deligthful moments, so THANK YOU to all the wonderful bloggers, designers, and artists whose photos i have featured here for adding bursts of happiness to my long, work-filled winter days.



  1. They may be a cliche image of beauty, but flowers really are gorgeous and uplifting. Especially these ones.

    1. i know what you mean how images of flowers can often be cliche, but these ones truly are uplifting, aren't they? i could look at them endlessly!

  2. You're the sweetest! Love all of these :)


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