weekend delights

06 February 2012

reading for my train ride // friday night snowstorm on our drive into Ottawa
glimpse of some goodies from the forthcoming nova lily porcelain series // mimosas at Sunday brunch
view of the winter landscape through the train window (somewhere in Quebec) // new Kamik rubber boots (made in Canada and 100% recyclable!) that andrew got me for spring
lovely little vintage short-sleeved sweater find in Montreal // maple pear crepe with ricotta and a side of fresh fruit, also at Sunday brunch

we're back from our weekend run into the city (me to Montreal; andrew & glasgow to Ottawa, where i met up with them again on Sunday afternoon). it went SO fast. a little too fast, but it's nice to be back in Laurentian Valley where life is cozier and much slower. i've grown so used to small-town, country living that going back to the city is somehwhat jarring. not only do i feel out of place even as i blend in, adapting to the movement and attitude of the city (which also saddens me, how immediately the city changes your state of mind and way of being), but i have become extremely sensitive to the smells! the city really does stink. the air is thick and heavy and so much harder to breathe. that being said, i also love so much of what the city has to offer: art, culture, food, shopping, education, etc. it's a love/hate relationship, i suppose. and i definitely feel myself changing as i am getting older and embracing small-town life. i didn't take too many photos over the weekend, but the few that i did seem to capture slowness rather than speed.

i won't be too active here on the blog this week as i dive into writing my comps, although i'm sure i will make some brief appearances for a breath of fresh air or change of pace. in the meantime, you can always find me on twitter and please do have a wonderful week!


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