february blues

01 February 2012

my February blues came a little early this year, rearing their head throughout the month of January. i wavered more than a few times, feeling stagnant and vulnerable, losing my usual confidence, having trouble sleeping and keeping regular hours, and becoming far too affected and upset by even the littlest of things. i'm hoping that because my blues already erupted full force, i can silently tuck them away and start this month fresh. although i admit, it's going to be a BIG month for me. i bit the bullet and decided to resume my comprehensive exams so that i can continue with my research. i will be receiving my exam questions by the end of the week and will be basically chained to my desk for the next four weeks, writing, day & night. oddly, i think this kind of pressure is exactly what i need.

so to bid my blues farewell, i put together a selection of good and delightfully blue things. i should probably preface this collection by saying that i've always had an on again/off again relationship with the colour blue. as a young girl, defiant that i was not in the least bit girly and in attempt to dissociate myself from all things "pink," i embraced and declared blue as my favourite colour. when my dad asked what colours my sister and i wanted him to paint our bedrooms, she chose a peach tone and i proudly opted for a soft, soothing blue. as a i grew older, i developed a love for earth tones, forest greens, and deep reds, but early in high school i reverted to my childhood love of blue, composing outfits almost entirely of coordinating blue tones and even dying my short hair the most amazing shade of midnight indigo blue. now, i am mostly drawn to and surround myself with earthy, neutral, and soft tones, but i suppose i have a special place in my heart for the blues:

2. ornate blue porcelain bear pendant (and one of my favourites; i have this beauty in moss green) by poodlebreath.
3. i recently ordered this foil-stamped blue composition book by Girls of All Work.
4. i instantly fell in love when i saw this photograph by doswell & mclean as part of project on natural dyes for Bloom Magazine (via trendland). how could i not? i basically grew up in the land of blueberries!
5. Pablo Picasso's Blue Nude (1902) from his "blue period."
6. turquoise blue "Jeanne" high waisted bamboo knickers from Hopeless. i have developed a true love affair with highwaist knickers ever since i first encountered Fortnight in the flesh back in September. i want now to wear nothing else, ever.
7. Marble & Milkweed's rose & chamomile cleansing nectar. this gentle facial cleanser is literally like spreading nectar on your skin. made with natural ingredients, it smells divine and the texture is thick and smooth, making it gentle enough for winter worn skin and perfect to defeat the February blues. Marble & Milkweed has become a staple in my own collection of skincare products. i am all about analogue beauty. 
8. arrowhead feather earrings by the lovely Montreal-based Noemiah.

background image: Blue Coral Print by Elise Mahan.


  1. This is just exquisite, Sara! So honored to be mentioned here...wishing you many cozy days ahead as winter trails off...

    1. oh, i'm so happy you like it Briar! thank you for the kind wishes, and warm & cozy wishes to you in return...


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